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Our Alien Recruit...The Star Puppy...

Walter Aurora Basha-Fritz

Walter Basha-Fritz

In August, 2000, we saw this baby jump up into the neighbor's car engine *shutter* I managed to get her out, and she ran and hid. Next morning she was in our Bronco's engine. Again, we tried to help her, but after eating some tuna, she ran into our backyard.

After five days of patient work and loads of tuna and kitty food, she allowed Renato to wrap her in the lower half of his tee-shirt, and carry her into the house. He named her "Spoodnix" then, cause she ran around on the top of the back yard fence like a crazy Russian satellite.

After being checked out by our Vets, she was pronounced about five weeks old (Lord she was four weeks old when we found her!) and in healthy, perfect shape, abet very very Loud!

She wasn't going to stay with us you understand. Ahem...she is Daddy's Girl now and a couple of months ago he told me..."She wants to be known as Walter!" He added the Basha-Fritz just a couple of weeks ago. LOL! She is a Live Wire and I do believe she Is a Star Puppy, come from another galaxy.

Walter young

Walter at about five and a half weeks old.

Launching Pod


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