While Sydney was trying to decide why anyone would do this, one of the Little People popped up out of a small cave, right below his paws.

"Ah my fine feline, and what might ye be doing here?" the Little Man asked Sydney.

"Ooooo just hanging around, lying on the rocks," replied Sydney.

"Oh and what a glorious afternoon you have for it Mr. Cat. I see ye be lashing your tail, beware lest any of the crawling ones think you are a prime bit of supper. Here, a shamrock for ye Mr. Cat, to protect ye and the good Father during your travels. It will one day bring you good luck and good fortune."

And with that the Little Man handed the shamrock to Sydney, and disappeared.

Little Green Man

"Well well," thought Sydney as he nibbled the shamrock's stem. "I wonder what this bit of green will protect us from? Too bad it isn't 'nip." Sydney sighed, remembering the glorious green fields of catnip he'd known in the days of his youth.

When Father Patrick saw Sydney with the shamrock, he took it from him and mounted it to his hood with a thorn. "Sydney, you've given me an idea. Perhaps this shamrock will show the people of this land that we come as friends."

Sydney wasn't too sure of this idea, since it was coming from a man who thought lying on rocks was a good way to pass the time. But it couldn't hurt and Sydney didn't have a way to carry the shamrock anyway.



The Journey - Father Patrick and Sydney

After a couple of pleasant days wandering the country side, Father Patrick and Sydney came to the edge of a village. It was late afternoon and just as they arrived the weather turned dark and gloomy. The Head Man of the village and a dozen others came to where Father Patrick and Sydney were standing.

The Head Man stared at the Monk, then the cat. He raised his fist and spoke:

"Who are you strangers and what be ye doing here?"

"I am Father Patrick good sire, and my traveling companion is my cat Sydney," replied the Monk.

"Why be ye so bold as to wear the shamrock upon yer person Monk?"

Father Patrick hesitate a moment. Sydney whacked him on the foot with his paw to get his tongue in gear. Father Patrick then announced, "I've come to save you! This shamrock is my emblem of power!"

Sydney started looking around for a tree to climb. He knew this was Not the best of introductions.

"Save us? Save us? From what be ye saving us?"

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