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Permity Me To Introduse Myself...


I Am: Renato


Born in Sao Paulo, Brasil, one rainy afternoon during a small passing rainstorm to Gheorghe Oshlenko Haralambie Dakar, Rumanian born, highly decorated Lieutenant Major, deflected from the Sahara Brigade of the Foreign Legion, having previously being defected from the Bucharest Royal Ballet, where he was Primo Ballerina and violin concert master, hence before becoming a flea market portrait artist to passing royalty at the Royal Gardens and bouncer to local pub in Balushka, where during my birth he was an Attache-Presumo to the embassador of Paraguay in Sao Paulo during World War II, and very successeesful tire salesman and store manager, and whence, under strange circumstances, which previously had met my mother,, the beautiful and famous Luise Gishus Von Geflicht Van Och Kramer, daughter of the Minister And Foreign Aide-de-camp to Kaiser W. THE III, and his salubrious Mistress Zoli (one of many at this time), and whom herself (my mother) was quite an expert accomplished free flight glide operator and extremelly well proportioned (although having being offered to be the Kaiser one of many lady friends, kindly refused) and talented opera singer and sword swallower at the Sao Paulo Opera House , where she met my father, who was standing by the back door wearing his coveted uniform laden with medals and awards looking for "foxes" to have sex and luring them with his uniform, to whom after having brief for a few minuted conversation, decided to get married.

After having travelled for a while for far and wide with South and North America my gypsy parents, We settled in Texas, where again my famous father aside from being an accomplilshed artist painter, also ran his own chili drive in restaurant (during the Fabulous 50's) and gas heater repair Station, even though he was talked out of a VW dealership by his cousin , the infamous Vladimir Golkha Oshlenko Budapest Alamedas... Under such variety of extrememly interesting backgrounds and emotional and educational experiences, i Graduated with honors from high school and of Correspondense school for artists and have read lots of books and art magazines, seen lots of movies (specially observed during my growing and developing years, the 60's and 70's), had extensive and advanced related experience with public relations using computers to create . D rived a taxi in new york for 2 years with related experiences also for prepared professional portfolio and dossiers for advertising relations. Limited but solid medical background by having been exposed to a great voluminous amount of Medical and Talk Shows on TV.

Please To Consider Qualification. I Would Very Much Appreciate Your Consideration To My Being Employed By Your Company As An Asset To A Better And Greater Business For You To Improve The Conceptual Organization Of Complete And Delivered Ideas And Items To The Needing And Expansive desires Of The appreciative Public, Of Who Awaits You To Expanded And Flourish Outside.


thank you very much for your considered. more as required information available by your inquired request.


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