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Nibblets MacSwain and La Montaña MacPuddin'

Nibblets came to us, a tiny scared kitten, trailing along after a young mother cat. No matter what we tried, we couldn't tame her. Alas she "matured" too young, about four months old. With the help of the Kitty Angels I managed to close her inside our garage, hoping she wasn't already in the "family way." But she was.

Two months later, when I could finally touch her and brush her, on April 1, 2000, she gave birth to five incredible silver chinchilla British Shorthair kittens. Seems Daddy was the white Persian who lived two doors down. Then two days later, Nibblets almost died from an infection. We were all so lucky she was with us and not out on her own. We rushed her and the babies to The Cat Vet Clinic in Montrose, God bless them. Nibblets was very feral with the Vet and Staff, but she and those babies stole their hearts right off. The Vet, Dr. Carolyn Runté, said she'd "Never seen a finer litter of kittens." All that, from a four pound, way too young to have babies, Mama.

With the loving help of many internet cat friends who donated to "The Nibblets' Fund," we were able to save Nibblets and the kittens. I owe each one of them, most unknown even by name to us, a major Thank You!

The Spammers

Sort of fuzzy, but it's hard to keep them still! Here they are at about two weeks. The staff at The Cat Vet Clinic dubbed them "The Spammers" after the old Monty Python song cause I taught them to come to me by singing it to them!

Be Afraid

La Montana MacPuddin' of the Clan MacPuddin' at a very young age.


Montaña - early November 2000. You can see her true colors by that age. We had No problem finding homes for her four litter mates. In fact I'm still amazed we kept Montaña, but my husband made a snap decision VBG!


And here's Nibblets! She sure was getting chubby by the time this pic was taken!
Sydney loved her with all her heart and just to see them together maked all the worry and work we had keeping her alive just vanish.


Update - June 24, 2011

With a very sad heart I update this page. Montaña developed lymphoma. She did well until early May 2011 then for some reason she had terrible diarrhea for a day. She couldn't control it, we just cleaned up after her. A couple of trips to the vet helped, but within two weeks it was back, and constant though not as severe. She stopped eating on her own, stopped playing in her water bowls and drinking. We tried all we could with the help of our Vet and also friends who'd been through this type of illness.

By the start of the week of the 20th, she had lost over half her body weight and was so fragile and so very frail. There was no joy in her life, just waiting for each hour to pass.

She crossed the bridge on the afternoon of the 24th; quiet and calm.

I held her during the very first beatings of her tiny heart, and I held her during the last few heart beats...until her heart stopped. Soar high and far my darling.

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