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These are my mainstay fun links. I've moved links for movies and television to their Own Page.


Christian Appalachian Project
Please visit this site if you have a few minutes or bookmark it for later.'s Race for the Rainforest Site One click a day will help save acres of our precious rainforest! Links to other worthy causes Care2 supports as well.

The Internet Movie Database

The Brettish Empire - Jeremy Brett Fan site

The Swordsmen Bold and Stupid Men at Your Service

Dr. Edward Bach Centre for Bach Flower Remedies

Blue Sky Heart Graphics  Decorate you Mac (or PC) in Style!

If you Love the Gabriel Knight games from Sierra here are some great links:

Peter Lucas His official home pages.

Online with Peter J. Lucas - Fansite created by myself and Dragon Lady

Baron Friedrich Von Glower Are you a fan of the Baron? This is a good site.



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