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Huey Up A Tree


Several years ago we lived way out in the woods, and way far away from any cars. Huey used to go outside then and sleep in the sunshine.

One evening Huey didn't come home. We searched and searched and after dark we heard a faint little cry, coming from ABOVE us. There was Huey in a pine tree, on the lowest branch - 15 feet above our heads.

We got the 12 foot ladder and leaned it against the tree. I held the bottom, while Renato climbed the swaying ladder. Up to the top he went, and called Huey to come to him. Well, nothing doing! Huey cried and moved further out the branch.

With ten razor sharp front claws, Renato couldn't grab and hold Huey, even if he could have reach him.

Suddenly, Renato came down the ladder and ran back to the house. When he returned, he was carrying a large cardboard box. Now we all know how our kitties love to play in boxes and Huey was no exception.

Renato climbed back up the ladder carrying the box while I tried to shine the flashlight up to give some little bit of light.

When he reached the second from the top rung, he put one arm around the tree, and then held the box on top of his head! "Here Huey, jump in the box!" he cried.

"THUMP" was all I heard.

Huey had jumped three feet down into a cardboard box, balanced on Renato's head, in the dark!

Very slowly, and very carefully, Renato came down one rung at a time, balancing that box with Huey in it, on his head.

When he at last reached the ground and had both hands on the box, before he even lowered it, Huey hopped out, tail in the air and led us home.

We laughed most of the night over Huey in the box. 

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