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Now to put the console from the previous page into a table.

You will need to use the following code for that. I will break it down below the line of code as I did on the first page.

<table width="144" border="5" height="33"> <embed src="cheeseburgerinparadise.mid" width="144" height="40"> </embed></table>

<table (Opens the tag.)

width="144" border="5" height="33"> (Gives the dimensions of the table and adds a border of 5 pixels to the table so people can see the table around the console. This one will fit snugly around the console. I think it gives a cleaner look that way. The bracket at the end of the line closes the tag.)

</table> (This is the closing tag for the table. It tells the browser that the table is finished.)

<embed src="cheeseburgerinparadise.mid" width="144" height="40"> </embed> (This is the code for the midi that you created from the first page.)

The end result will look something like this:


I also like to add a little color to the borders of my table. To do that use the code below.

<table width="144" border="5" height="33" bordercolor="#9900ff"> <embed src="cheeseburgerinparadise.mid" width="144" height="40"> </embed>

Here's the explanation of the additional piece:

bordercolor="#9900ff" (bordercolor="#9900ff" will make your table have color around all of the pieces of the border. It looks slightly different in different browsers, but everyone will be able to see it. You can choose any color. I just like purple.)


You can also fill parts of the border rather than the whole thing.

bordercolorlight="#9900ff" (Replace bordercolor="#9900ff" with the code you see to the left and your table will look like the one below.)

bordercolordark="#9900ff" (If you replace bordercolor="#9900ff" with the code you see to the left, your table will look like this one.)


You can mix and match your colors too by putting different color codes for the different areas of the table. I like to keep mine one color, but that is just a preference. :)


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