This and That HTML Page Four
by mm and Tik Tok

Let's start page four with an oldie but goodie: blockquotes. You don't see them that often now, folks know how to do tables, or perhaps use clear images, for spacing. But they still work, are easy, and allow you to indent. For example, I have a little poem I want to indent, I don't want to center it, but I do want it to be left justified. I don't want to bother with a table so I'll use the <blockquote></blockquote> tag.

One hint, the further in you wish to indent, you just keep opening this tag. I have a page with four of these tags on it. Just Remember...if you Open it - you Must close it.


Little Squirrel your pants are low,
Is that what makes you run so slow?
Pick up your pants,
Increase your stride,
Don't you know you've nuts to hide?


Here's the code:

<blockquote><blockquote><blockquote> (I wanted to indent fairly deep into the page so I opened three blockquote tags)

Little Squirrel your pants are low, (My text here and four more lines of the verse. My Mom taught me this)
Is that what makes you run so slow?
Pick up your pants,
Increase your stride,
Don't you know you've nuts to hide?

</blockquote> </blockquote> </blockquote> (Since I opened three tags, I Must close all three tags)


Until you've mastered tables, this is a neat way to set off images and text.

Let's change the subject and go on to bordered images for backgrounds and how Not to err by placing images and/or text in the pretty part.

Here's an example of an image which can be used on a page, as a background:


If you want to see this on a page, just click the image above. There are a few things I've typed in on that page, just to show you how Not to set up a page. I'll go for coffee while you look at it. Just hit the Back Button on your browser to return here.

Get an eye full? Did you say..."OOOOOeeewwwwwww I can't Read that!?"

There is one fairly easy way to correct that page - use a table (or nested tables if necessary).

It will be easier if you go look at the new improved page, then return here to see the code.

New And Improved Page

Code for table

<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" height="395"> (I made the table 100 percent the width of my page)
<tr>(Opens the table row items)
<td width="23%"> (The left cell, which protects the background images is 23% of the table's width)
 </td> (I have no [table data] images or text in this cell, so we close it)
<td width="77%" valign="top"> (Here is the width of the right cell, 77% of the pages width. The valign="top" tells the cell I want to start any text and/or images at the top of the cell. Valign = vertical alignment)

I'm not going to put in all the text and image codes :0) If you need them, use view source to see them.

Don't forget to close the cell and the table:


Now I hear you muttering.."Where did Tikky get that 23%?"

If you really want to have to email me! No, not really, I admit it, I'm using a HTML editor, so I can build a table, then look at the html code and read it back to you. It said that 23% was the best width for that cell. Every bordered background will be different, but if you eyeball this one, and see it's 23%, you can get a good estimate of what you need. Test your pages before you spend hours doing them Then uploading them, only to find "That ain't right."

If you have questions about tables, and haven't read it yet, try reading through Simple Tables.

Note: Yes, I use an editor now. Believe me, I learned the hard long sweaty spend hours and hours wrote it all by hand way. Then a dear friend gave me my first Mac and with it came a copy of Claris Home Page (alas now defunct). I finally bought Adobe PageMill (no longer upgraded by Adobe) and really took off! Over the past two years I've invested in Adobe GoLive and Macromedia's Dreamweaver. I use both, GoLive on the Mac, Dreamweaver on the PC. mm uses Dreamweaver and VBG Frontpage on occasion if memory serves. But we can both testify to one thing - regardless of what you may one day purchase to build web pages with (if ever) you will Need to know html code. Sometimes ya just gotta go to the source to fix a problem.



End of Page here for Page Five

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