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Mama Frick's Story


October 9, 2004 Update at end of page

June 16 seems to be a busy and almost metaphysical day for us. Big things have been happening on or within a day or two, of June 16 for years. One, is it's my husband's birthday. Two, we lost Tikky on the 16th, a few years before she passed on we had to help her ailing sis, Jimi, to cross the Rainbow Bridge on the 18th. Zoe almost passed away on June 16, three years ago. It's just been a "special" day, though for a few years there, not a happy special day.

Then came June 16, 2001.

If you reach back in memory, you might remember that just a week before that, the Houston area was hit by Tropical Storm Alison. We were blessed in that though our side of town received many inches of rain, we didn't have the terrible flooding that the east and northeast side of Harris county experienced. One of the most worrying situations for us was that Frick, whom we had tried to catch many many times, had given birth about a week before, on or near June 6.

When she was pregnant this time she finally let me stroke her when she was feeding, so we hoped that at last we would be able to get her off the street before this litter was born. That didn't happen *sigh* and we didn't see her for days during and right after Alison hit. About the 12th she showed up for dinner however. She appeared fine and I could see that she was still nursing.

Dawn, June 16th. Actually just before dawn. I went outside to get the paper and the stars were so beautiful, the early morning sky so outstanding, I went back in, woke up Birthday Boy and told him that there was a special gift for his 61st birthday. Little did I know what else he'd get!

After admiring the sky, and when we stepped on the front porch, Mama Frick strolled up for breakfast. Renato stayed with her while I went for food, but when I come back out he said, "I think I hear squeaking in the Clown Car."

Ah...the Clown Car was our emergency kitty shelter on our front porch. By this time only Frick was using it on occasion, as Morgana was now inside.

The sun was giving us some daylight by now, plus the porch light was still on. I bent over and looked in the Clown Car. Oh yea.

I could see only a couple of babies but knew there was a load of them. I stood up and said,

"Happy Birthday Renato! For once June 16th is bringing us babies, not taking them away!"

Naturally we don't know where Frick had these kittens, but it's our guess that she spent all night carrying each one to our house for safety and help. At first Renato felt we should wait a couple of days before bringing them in but I sat there and disagreed strongly. I said that some cat might wander by and frighted Frick into moving them, or she might just move them regardless and how would we find them? Nonono. We have a chance here to get the last of the homeless off our street. Please let's get them in, we'll sort it all out later.

We hadn't ever carried Frick, golly we could barely pet her, though she was very gentle and never shied away from us. A far cry from actually carrying a cat! We got the "baby" room ready, then went outside. Renato spoke with Frick, picked her up and simply walked into the house, into the baby room with her! I strongly suggest You don't try this on a cat you don't really know!

He came back (I had stayed on the porch with the kittens) and said, "No problem, she never even wiggled." We then simply picked up the Clown Car and within moments her babies were with her. I took the top off of this refuge and mosquitoes swarmed out! Good thing we got these babies inside, I don't know if they would have had a chance again these terrible swarms of mosquitoes we had after Alison. Maybe that's why Frick brought them to us.

I'll also never forget how one of them peered up at me and said, "Hizzzzzz!" VBG. They appeared to be about 10 days old, their eyes just beginning to be fully open.

It's been almost a year and a half, we still have three of the five from this litter, though I never give up hope of finding good homes VBG. Frick is also still here, not very interested in being petted and loved, but content. She really needs a home but almost no one is willing to take on a kitty like this. At least she is inside and not making babies any longer! Also, with the loving help of many internet cat friends, our last batch of "street urchins" are all neutered, safe and happy.

Tiny Tots

A few days after rescue

Up in the above crowd areToast!, Hillary and ZsaZsa - The Gabor Boys. One of the boys (now known as Zion) was adopted by a good friend and *tears* we lost the female, Anuk, to a rare uterine infection.
That's Hillary lying on Frick's rib cage *hoump!* and ZsaZsa on the front feeding station.

October 9, 2004 Update:

Mama Frick has met with Anuk at the Rainbow Bridge. On Saturday, Oct 2, 2004 she took suddenly ill. We did all we could but by the morning of Oct 3 it was apparent she was failing rapidly. We could barely touch her, more treatments were out of the question. She passed with love surrounding her, the pain and chronic infections forever done with.
Soar high brave Mama Frick, God must need another good Mom right now.


Some babies to coo over VBG!

Launching Pod