Major Image Tikky Made

I say, dez here donuts are pretty dang good Sergent Pussnagel! Have one on me.

What sort is dis, Sir?

Theyz Sammon filled, ken't you tell Sergent?

(sounds of mucnching, slurping..burping...gulp!)

Now that Tik Tok is gone whoz making dez donuts?

Walter Aurora's get's them from Sydney's Donut Shop, around the corner, ain't you been there yet?

Wish she'd get jellyfish filled or even shrimpjelly donuts!

Do youze see dem strange fellows over by da juke box?

Hey! Lookie whoze running down the street!!

I kin't BELIVIE it! Weeze gots to Go NOW!

(Gulp!! Swallow!!)Youze run That Way! I'll git ma shooter and run That Way! And Don't Get Lost!

Hey! Yoze gonna PAY for those Donuts?!! Come Back Here!


Donut maker